I’ve Made The Big Time

When I was a senior in high school, I did a short stand-up performance at the spring talent show.  I had the performance filmed and then uploaded the video onto YouTube (it has since been removed from the site, though I still have the video).  A few months later into the summer, a friend forwarded a video to the girl I was dating at the time entitled, “Riley Fox Is Not Funny.”

The video consisted of the video footage from my talent show performance, but with new audio dubbed in by a friend of the above-mentioned friend.  It lampooned my performance by hilariously deconstructing all of the jokes I told at the show, and then (in character as me) berating me for being an unfunny comedian.  I howled with laughter the first time I watched that video, and parts of it still make me giggle when they spring from memory (such as the opening, in which “I” walked onstage and said in a goofy voice, “Hi, everybody, I’m Riley Fox!  I’m gonna tell you some jokes!”).  I loved it so much that I even spread it around myself by posting it on my MySpace page.  As much as I’d wished I would see another one, I never did.

Until today, when I logged onto Facebook and saw that the friend who’d forwarded my then-girlfriend that video posted a new link to my profile.  It was a sequel to “Riley Fox Is Not Funny,” this one entitled, “Riley Fox #1 Comedian.” It did the exact same thing as the last video, only they used one of my recent performances at Zanies Comedy Showplace in Nashville, TN.  Again, I howled with laughter, and again, I’m going to spread it around.

Here is the ORIGINAL video of my performance:

Now, here is the PARODY video of that same performance:

First of all, I will say that my favorite part of this parody video is the emcee who introduces me at the beginning (“our next comic is an unfunny douchebag”).  I fuckin’ love it.

I’m not offended by it in any way.  Granted, some of the comments below the video (and on some of my own) are a bit harsh, but I’ll take the good with the bad.  The videos themselves are hysterical.  On some level, I see them as a source of validation.  It’s like the Weird Al Yankovic effect: they wouldn’t satirize me if I wasn’t good enough to be satirized in the first place.  If I wasn’t good enough for it, then they would just let the original videos speak for themselves.  But the fact that they took the time–however short or long–to make these parodies tells me that I’m doing something right.

I take pride in the fuckin’ weirdest things…

Until next time,



2 responses to “I’ve Made The Big Time

  1. Just remember us when your banging supermodels.

  2. I love that you’ve been dubbed as Rick Moranis…

    Absolutely hilarious. More than someone deliberately messing up jokes in a silly voice should be…

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